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Life comes from space because life comes from life

Forewords                         QG
Introduction: More Than Panspermia
Panspermia Asks New Questions
Compare Darwinism, ID, CA
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Where Does Life Come From?
What Is Life?
Louis Pasteur
The RNA World
Bacteria: The Space Colonists
Comets: The Delivery System

How Does Life Evolve?
Neo-Darwinism: The Current Paradigm
Viruses and Other Gene Transfer Mechanisms
Why Sexual Reproduction?
Introns: a Mystery
The Tree of Life

The Logic of Neo-Darwinism
Evolution vs Creationism
...A Third Aternative
The Second Law of Thermodynamics
Computer Models of Evolution
Computers Mimic Darwinian Evolution?
Is Evolutionary Progress... Possible?
Sustained Macroevolutionary Progress?
Macroevolutionary Progress Redefined...
The Evolution Prize...
Can Meaning Come From Nonmeaning?

Hoyle and Wickramasinghe
Analysis of Interstellar Dust and ...Resources
An Interview with Fred Hoyle, 1996
Chandra Wickramasinghe in Arkansas, 1981

Tests for Cosmic Ancestry
Can The Theory Be Tested?
Life on Mars!
Life on Europa, Other Moons, Other Planets?
Metazoan Genes Older Than Metazoa?
Life Before 3850 Million Years Ago?
Amino Acid Asymmetry in ...Murchison
Infrared Radiation from Comet Hale-Bopp
NASA Sees Comets Entering Atmosphere
Fossilized Life Forms in Murchison
Astonishing Redness of Kuiper-Belt Objects
Fossilized Bacterium in a Meteorite
An Atmospheric Test of Cometary Panspermia
Influenza from Space?
Fossils in Murchison and Efremovka
Large Aromatic Polymers in Interstellar Dust
Interstellar Dust ...Possible Seeds for Life
Microorganisms from the Moon (retracted)
Human Genome Search at U of Oklahoma
New Genetic Programs in ...Panspermia
Testing Darwinism vs Cosmic Ancestry
Conserved Non-Genic Sequences
Cosmic Pathogen Contribution to... Extinction
Microfossils in Orgueil and Richard Hoover
A Wordcount for Comparison
Duplication Makes a New Primate Gene
Three New Human Genes: De Novo Genes
Independent Evolution of Multicellularity
More Evidence for Indigenous Microfossils...
Genes Older Than Earth?
Robust Software Management... (incomplete)
More tests are listed in What'sNEW

From Science to Philosophy
How Is It Possible?
What Difference Does It Make?
The End and the Big Bang
The Beginning

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