Astrobiology Research Trust

Stanley Phillip Franklin, August 14, 1931 - January 23, 2023

A.R.T. supports scientific research in astrobiology and closely related fields, especially:

  • Astrobiology research that is not already well funded by other sources, and
  • Research in real or artificial life that may ascertain the range of macroevolutionary progress in quarantined systems.

A.R.T. and its Trustee have supported these research projects or venues:

A.R.T. welcomes inquiries from qualified researchers whose interests align with ours.

Astrobiology Research Trust
  • Established 22 April 2002, under US IRS code 501(c)(3)
  • 168 Grove Park Circle / Memphis, TN 38117-3134 / USA
  • URL:
  • email us: use "Astrobiology Research Trust" in subject.
  • Trustee: W. Brigham Klyce
  • Advisory Board: Stan Franklin, Dimitar Sasselov and Alan Lightman (Lightman's statement. Sasselov agrees.)
  • Our grants are restricted to scientific research, and may not be used for overhead or administrative costs.