Mathematics of Evolution: Errata — last revised 3 July 2012
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xvline 7 "out" S/B "Out" DE
xivline 32 Omit "of" BK
xviline 2 "bacterium" S/B "a bacterium" BK
xviline 8 "Buy" S/B "But" BK
xviline 13 "invade" S/B "invaded" DE
xviline 16 "pointless call" S/B "pointless to call" DE
xviline 19 "every" S/B "ever" DE
xviiline 4 "selection, ~100" S/B "selection for ~100" DE
xviiline 10 "pathogenesis" S/B "parthenogenesis" DE
2line 16 "breath, called" S/B "breath called" DE
3line 4 "degree(but" S/B "degree) but" FH
5last paragraph "A Genetical Theory..." S/B "The Genetical Theory..." TA
8line 18 "ln x0/s" S/B "(ln x0)/s" DN & DE
9line 14 "if of" S/B "of" DE
11line 11 "unity as" S/B "unity at" DE
13Eq. 1.10 Add [brackets] for clarity: "= {α[(1-|s|)(1-λ)y1 + λy0]}t" WR & FH
29line 3 "cells start" S/B "cells which start" DE
30line 1 "generation" S/B "generations" DE
31line 23 The second p' S/B p''. WR
31line 27 "division" S/B "divisions" DE
34line 8 "in all is (P,M)" S/B "in all in (P,M)" DE
44line 16 "2rM times" S/B "r times" WR
45Eq. 3.2 "dx" S/B "dx1" WR
47Eq. 3.10 "hx" term in the middle S/B "hs" WR
49Eq. 3.17 In subscript, "2h-1" S/B "(2h-1)" for clarity WR
49line 12 "written a as" S/B "written α as" RP
50Eqs. 3.19 & 3.20 Bottoms of large brackets are missing. DE
59-60Chapter 4 First four sentences printed twice. GI
63Eqs. 4.11 & 4.12 "0(z3)" S/B "O(z3)" RP
64Eq. 4.15, line 2 "(1-2x) δφ / δφ" S/B "(1-2x) δφ / δx" as in Eq. 4.14 WR
65Eq. 4.20, line 2 the term "δ2 / δx" S/B "δ2 / δx2" RP
65Eq. 4.24, line 1 in right-most term, "x2" in denominator S/B in numerator WR
63-66Eqs. 4.13 – 4.27 two different symbols for φ (phi) S/B same throughout VM
72Eq. 4.43 Omit "say" WR
78Eq. 4.73 last term, "f(0, x0)" S/B "f(x0, 0)" as in Eq. 4.72 WR
82line 9 "than in causing" S/B "than causing" DE
90line 16 "exp -N" S/B "exp [-N" VM
91line 29 "would ~10" S/B "would be ~10" DE
95Hoyle mentions Robert of Normandy and William the Conqueror, saying that Robert was the father of William. Actually, it was the opposite -- William was the father of Robert, and it was Robert who loved Herleva and who was, consequently, Robert's mother, not mistress.VM
99line 5 "2·10-6" S/B "2·10-6M" DE
100line 12 "few generation." S/B "few generations." DE
102line 9 "molecules," S/B "molecules" DE
103line 15 "histone-4." S/B "histone-4?" VM
107line 35 "Why is that" S/B "Why is it that" DE
116line 3 "7" S/B "Λ" as in Eq. 7.10 WR
116line 18 "opportunity not the speed of" S/B "opportunity, not the speed, of" (for clarity) DE
116line 19 "theory, the" S/B "theory. The" DE
117line 18 "1907" S/B "1957" VM
125line 1 "1/1-z" S/B "1/(1-z)" for clarity WR
125Eq. 7.42 entire index (exponent) lacks minus sign as in Eq. 7.41 VM
128line 3 "Dayholt" S/B "Dayhoff" RP
128line "(b)" "debaryanyces" S/B "debaryomyces" RP
132line 7 "shrimp" S/B "sheep" BK & RP
134line 8 "If" S/B "if" DE
136line 3 "the hold" S/B "to hold" DE
BK=Brig Klyce, DE=Douglas Early, DN=Diane Nesin, FH=Fred Hoyle, GI=Greg Irwin, RP=Robert Piotrowski, TA=Tanweer Akram, VM=Vitaly Mats, WR=Walter ReMine