Life comes from space because life comes from life

> Introduction: More Than Panspermia
> Panspermia Asks New Questions
> Compare Darwinism, Creationism, CA
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Where Does Life Come From?
> What Is Life?
> Louis Pasteur
> The RNA World
> Bacteria: The Space Colonists
> Comets: The Delivery System

How Does Life Evolve?
> Neo-Darwinism: The Current Paradigm
> Viruses and Other Gene Transfer Mechanisms
> Why Sexual Reproduction?
> Introns: a Mystery
> The Tree of Life
> Gaia

The Logic of Neo-Darwinism
> Evolution vs Creationism
> ...A Third Aternative
> The Second Law of Thermodynamics
> Computer Models of Evolution
> Computers Mimic Darwinian Evolution?
> Is Evolutionary Progress... Possible?
> Sustained Macroevolutionary Progress?
> Macroevolutionary Progress Redefined...
> Can Meaning Come From Nonmeaning?
> The Evolution Prize...

Hoyle and Wickramasinghe
> Analysis of Interstellar Dust and ...Resources
> An Interview with Fred Hoyle, 5 July 1996
> Chandra Wickramasinghe in Arkansas, 1981

Tests for Cosmic Ancestry
> Can The Theory Be Tested?
> Life on Mars!
> Life on Europa, Other Moons, Other Planets?
> Metazoan Genes Older Than Metazoa?
> Life Before 3850 Million Years Ago?
> Amino Acid Asymmetry in ...Meteorite
> Infrared Radiation from Comet Hale-Bopp
> NASA Sees Comets Entering Atmosphere
> Fossilized Life Forms in Murchison
> Astonishing Redness of Kuiper-Belt Objects
> Fossilized Bacterium in a Meteorite
> An Atmospheric Test of Cometary Panspermia
> Influenza from Space?
> Fossils in Murchison and Efremovka
> Large Aromatic Polymers in Interstellar Dust
> Interstellar Dust ...Possible Seeds for Life
> Microorganisms from the Moon
> Human Genome Search at U of Oklahoma
> New Genetic Programs in ...Panspermia
> Testing Darwinism vs Cosmic Ancestry
> Conserved Non-Genic Sequences
> Cosmic Pathogen Contribution to... Extinction
> ...Microfossils in a Carbonaceous Meteorite
> A Wordcount for Comparison
> Duplication Makes a New Primate Gene
> Three New Human Genes
> Independent Evolution of Multicellularity
> More Evidence for Indigenous Microfossils...
> Genes Older Than Earth?
> More tests are listed in the What'sNEW Index

From Science to Philosophy
> How Is It Possible?
> What Difference Does It Make?
> The End and the Big Bang
> The Beginning

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Just-So stories
Silica deposits on Mars
Methane clathrate mlecular structure
De novo genes in humans and chimps
Crinoidfossil on Mars
circumnuclear disk
Bacteriophages converging on an E. coli cell
Transcription Factor gains/losses
fossilized diatoms in a carbonaceous meteorite
William Bateson
fragment of the Orgueil CI1 meteorite that is densely populated with several different types of embedded filaments

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